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Our award-winning products and datasets are used across all sectors, helping communities, government and business to deliver safe and sustainable travel.
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Our unique position

Domain Experts

Our team bring decades of experience in collecting, analysing, and visualising transport datasets from a variety of sources. Our solutions are used by many types of clients to assist their goals of understanding more about local transport networks.

Speed Limits

Our UK speed limit database has been curated over five years using multiple data sources to ensure 100% coverage of the road network. We have a dedicated programme of works to check changes in speed limits and our data is compared to in-vehicle readings.

Risk Profiling

We produce an annual review of all road in Great Britain, not just the major routes, and use a variety of statistical techniques to determine how collision rates vary locally, and nationally. We are able to profile road users using demographic data as well as vehicle type and other features.


As well as providing out-of-the-box solutions, we also provide advice and assistance where bespoke analyses are required. Whether it's a mapping tool, data visualisation, dashboard, or simply advice on the sector; we can help.

CrashMap is an incredibly useful tool for communities and organisations working to prevent devastating casualties and make our roads safer for everyone.

- Julie Townsend, Brake Road Safety

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