January 30, 2017
January 30, 2017
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Following on from the enormous success of CrashMap for the consumer market, Insight Warehouse have developed a suite of national road risk indices for professional and commercial use. RiskMap provides a risk analysis for every stretch of road in the UK with each section compared against performance on local roads and those of the same classification. Furthermore the UK’s strategic road network also includes a risk index based on traffic volumes as well as road length. RiskMap is of interest to local authorities, highway contractors and building developers as well as telematics based insurance companies and developers of in-car road safety apps..

Technical Data

The database is updated annually using the most recent six years’ worth of data analysing a million incidents recorded by British police forces. A rigorous cross checking is carried out using a bespoke algorithm to ensure the highest degree of accuracy possible with collisions mapped to the nearest 10 metres. RiskMaps can be configured to meet your requirements using any of the following analyses as a base:

Collision density Collision features Collision rate Road user vulnerability

Your map can be created in a variety of formats to suit your needs, .shp, .tab, or .kml are used as standard.
Data can also be hosted on our GIS server and even embedded on your own website.

View our sample online map

A full online map is available to view showing the collision density maps available to highway planners and other professional organisations.